Outliers: Luz Mila



The Outliers single origin series is a bold exploration in taste and technique

Every special release begins with the search for a rare and intriguing coffee, often taking us to lesser-known plantations in emerging markets around the globe.

Once we find our standout – something that truly deserves ‘outlier status’ – we ship a limited quantity of green beans back to Atomic HQ in Kingsland, Auckland. With a little time and patience, our roasting crew delicately tease out the subtleties, flavours and textures that make each micro-lot a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.


The farm benefits from rich, fertile soils provided by the nearby live volcano, Nevado Del Huila. This setting, along with Luz Mila’s care and attention, results in a full and desirable cherry. However, it was the farm’s experimental process that really caught our eye.

The coffee is exposed to dry anaerobic fermentation with added tartaric acid and fresh cinnamon for 30 hours, before being pulped. The beans are then laid on raised beds and dried to an exacting moisture content. It’s a pioneering method that evokes gentle cinnamon flavours, to complement the notes of custard apple and snickerdoodle.

We’re proud to showcase Luz Mila’s produce, which we hope will also bring the recognition and good fortune the family deserves. We hope you like it too.

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