Brew Guide: Outliers ZaPo

Classic method
Medium-fine grind
250ml water @92 degrees for brewing, +50ml water bypass (to taste)


  1. Place a filter in the filter cap. Rinse with water, then lock in the aeropress.
  2. Weigh 16.5g of coffee beans, and grind medium-fine
  3. Dispense the ground coffee in the chamber
  4. Pour 35g of hot water over the grinds, and let the coffee steep for 45 seconds
  5. Pour the remainder of the water (215g to reach 250g total) slowly
  6. Gently insert the plunger part of the aeropress on the top of the chamber, and lift up to create a vacuum which will prevent the coffee from dripping through the filter
  7. At 2min, press on the plunger to let the coffee out through the filter. The plunging should take roughly 15 seconds
  8. Add water to your brew, to taste. We recommend 50g.



17g of coffee
Medium grind
300ml water at 91 degrees


  1. Place filter on v60 and wet with hot water
  2. Discard water and dose your coffee grinds in the filter
  3. Start the timer and pour 35g of water. Let bloom for 30 seconds
  4. Slowly pour an extra 165g of water (200g total), doing slow concentric circles to ensure all grinds are evenly wet
  5. Pause until 1:30min
  6. At 1:30, slowly pour the remaining 100g of water. You should be done pouring around the 2 minute mark
  7. When all the water has been dispersed, gently lift the ceramic cone and swirl it three times to ensure an even coffee bed
  8. Your brew should be finished around the 2:30 min mark

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