Backing The Barista Competition: Shortlist Announced

Over the last few weeks we've received hundreds of nominations from all over the country, voting for baristas in our community.
Through running this campaign, our main purpose was to help show baristas the appreciation they deserve – whether it's from their peers, regulars or employers. 

After some internal deliberation, a winner will be decided an announced on 20/07/20, but in the meantime check out the shortlisted finalists below. One of these talented baristas will be receiving a brand new Rocket Appartamento


Elk Eatery

"Mia at Elk is incredible - she makes fantastic coffee, is always so cheerful, all while being a one woman operation"

"She is a workaholic and works so hard, she has a massive passion for making great coffee"


Zack Latif
Pause Espresso Bar

"Zach is a hard worker and he is showing great strength and passion, especially now after recent wrist surgery."

"His love for coffee goes beyond the cup and is brought into every part of our cafe including the care and excellence he has shown in setting up and caring for our new space."

"Zach is the best, scrap all the rest!!"

"He is a genuinely nice guy and he makes the best coffee in the Bay of Plenty. He has great customer service and made me feel like I’d known him forever."


Filip Sebek
Coolsville Trading Post

"He may not be able to make a Swan all the time but his coffees are spot on! Every time! Best Barista in Wellington"


Sunny Lee

"She cares so much about the quality of the coffees she makes. Taking extra care & notice of any change that can affect the taste of the delicious blends that Atomic provides."

Keighley Redshaw
Florences Foodstore & Cafe

"She is the best personality behind the coffee machine and leaps out to greet customers who clamour for one of her lovely cuddles and coffees."

"Keighley has been at Florences since the opening many years ago, and her smiley friendly disposition is always constant."

"I would like to vote with all my fingers and toes for Keighley"

"The coffee is always a consistent with full body flavour."


Tara Bant
Café at Morris & James

"Tara is an amazing barista but she always takes the opportunity to learn more and improve her skills because of her love of the perfect coffee."

"We have had so many of Tara's followers come out to the cafe just because of Tara, not only because she makes the BEST coffee but because she is a genuinely amazing person who loves her customers."


Ryan Bu

"Backing Ryan! He knows most of the regulars by name, very knowledgeable about his coffees, beans and flavours."

Kimberly Buchanan
The Green Grocer

"Kimberly always has a smile on her face and as soon as she sees her your car pull in she has your coffee ready."

"The best service, the best coffee!"

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