Meet Loring Kestrel, The Environmentally Friendly Roaster

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Whether you're a clued up coffee roaster or a stickler for sustainability, having a roaster that reduces fuel consumption by up to 80% compared to  conventional drum roaster is a bit of a big deal.

Sitting in the midst of our Kingsland Roastery, you'll find the Loring Kestrel, the pride and joy of our roasting department, and our key tool for roasting with craft and care – both for the coffee and environment.

The Loring allows us to eliminate smoke during the roasting process without an external afterburner. It is a closed system that recirculates hot air meaning energy is contained and recycled, as opposed to passing through the system or being lost to the environment.



Friendly Roaster


CO2 & H2o are the inevitable by-products of coffee roasting – and by reducing the amount of combustible Natural Gas (mostly Methane), ultimately you reduce the amount of CO2 produced during roasting, whilst still maintaining emission quality.

As the air recirculates, any VOCs/smoke emitted during roasting enters the burner chamber, that doubling as a thermal oxidiser, decomposes VOCs and oxidises as a traditional external unit would. The burner is simultaneously providing roast energy and ‘cleaning’ the air for re-entry to the chamber or to exit the system.

What you're left with: a finish product, with larger flavour profiles, and a smaller carbon footprint.

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