Friends of Atomic: Talking Aeropress with Kazuki Hanyuda

Kazuki Hanyuda, Aeropress

Last Saturday night Kazuki Hanyuda was busy taking care of business at the 2019 Aeropress Regional Champs, where he landed top spot and a return flight to the W.A.C in London. Meet Kazuki!

Tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from? Where do you work? What’s it like?
My name is Kazuki Hanyuda. I’m from Japan. I have been working at Archie on Ponsonby Rd for a month. Working at Archie with teammates (Head Barista Johnny, Manager Caleb, and Ace striker Jono) is a lot of fun. Although Archie is a small coffee bar, I found that a lot of people who come through, really enjoy coffee.
What was going through your head when you were on stage on Saturday night?
Honestly I was too busy to set up my coffee gears and serve a coffee to the judges within 12 minutes on the stage. I was following my routine on the stage. After I won in the semis, it all seemed a little more real. I wanted to get that golden Aeropress.
Kazuki Hanyuda, NZ Coffee, Aeropress
Kazuki's Kit.
Is it true that you served the judges beer through the Aeropress for your winning cup?
Hahahaha. Nah, not this time.
What’s your favourite thing about Aeropress?
My favourite thing about Aeropress is its portability. I love brewing coffee with it when travelling and camping.
What’s your favourite coffee at the moment?
My favourite is Kenya, because of its juicy acidity and complex flavour.
Kazuki Hanyuda, NZ Coffee, Aeropress
What’s the secret to making a good cup?
I think the secret is brewing a cup consistently. You have to pay attention to all these like dose, particle size, water temperature, agitation and when to press plunger. Also, sharing coffee and feedbacks with people is important in order to develop a cup quality! More than anything, Enjoy making a coffee!!
How are you preparing for the world champs?
I will be talking to former champions and my friends to get some ideas about how to get prepared in the W.A.C and practicing aeropress with different regions of beans.
All the best Kazuki!

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