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Outliers: Luz Mila

The Outliers single origin series is a bold exploration in taste and technique. Every special release begins with the search for a rare and intriguing coffee, often taking us to lesser-known plantations in emerging markets around the globe. Once we find our standout – something that truly deserves ‘outlier status’ – we ship a limited quantity of green beans back to Atomic HQ in Kingsland, Auckland. With a little time and patience, our roasting crew delicately tease out the subtleties, flavours and textures that make each micro-lot a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.

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NZ Coffee Festival, Come & Say Hello!

The Annual New Zealand Coffee Festival is back for another year – and this year your local Kingsland coffee roaster will be site. It'll be a good day, we're tellin' ya.

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