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Specialty Pouring Jug
Specialty Pouring Jug


Specialty Pouring Jug

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The Loveramics' Specialty Pouring Jug is a feature piece from the new 'Brewers' range, characterised by simple, clean lines and an aesthetic that is both highly modern and deeply seeded in coffee culture. 

Designed by award winning ceramic craftsman, Simon Stevens, who's work are permanent fixtures within the V&A Museum and Frankfurt’s Museum of the Contemporary Applied Arts.

Inspired by our interaction with everyday objects Simon designs the familiar and makes it not only a pleasure to use but something to visually enjoy.

Length 8.15cm ; Width 7.2cm ; Height 12.7cm ; Capacity 300ml

Available in both granite and basalt.

Porcelain – ensuring a great tactile feel when pouring for friends - or for yourself.