Wholesale Web Portal Tutorial

This is perfect for those who may not find time to order during work hours – allowing you to order when it suits you, with access to previous orders and invoices.
If you need your login details, please call 0800 ATOMIC or talk to your Account Manager.

Portal can be accessed here or via the button labelled ‘Café Supply Orders’ at the top of the atomiccoffee.co.nz homepage.

Nigel has put together basic a video user guide to the wholesale web portal, see below:

For those who don’t currently use the wholesale web portal, this is a step by step guide on accessing your account.

Navigating the portal to check on the status of orders, using the ‘re-order’ function and viewing previous invoices.

How to place your first order.

Tutorial on creating a template for easy ordering.

A quick guide on our products and where to find what you need.