We have a dedicated Sustainability Team here at Atomic and their job is to lead us to our zero waste to landfill and carbon neutral goals.  As the key player in our supply chain, we know we have a responsibility to do what we can and ensure that all decisions we make as a business are viewed through a sustainability lens. 

Our Coffee
All our core blends use only fairtrade coffees.  This means we always pay the fairtrade minimum price regardless of the market, with an additional FT premium the co-ops invest in their local communities.  Farmers and co-operatives receive a sustainable price, and we know they are meeting certain environmental and ethical standards.  This range includes a BioGro Organic Certified blend, and our decaf is organically certified.

For our single origin and limited run offering, we source unique coffees from singular producers.  We buy premium coffees at premium prices, and they are all fully traceable.  No commodity grade coffee here.
All our packaging is compostable or soft plastic recyclable.  Where possible, we encourage the use of reusable packaging.  We do this in our cafes by incentivising the use of reusable cups and filling containers you bring from home with retail coffee.  Locally we have a circular system in place for our wholesale customers, delivering in sealed stainless-steel tubs.  For at home consumers, we launched the Brew Run - NZ’s first fresh coffee home delivery service with no single use packaging.

We roast on a 35kg Loring Kestrel that employs a closed loop system, with a single burner that both heats the coffee and oxidises emissions.  Unique to Loring, this technology results in around 80% less natural gas consumption.  This means a huge reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a traditional drum roaster.