The Black Eagle & Mythos One Grinder

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The coffee world is still wiping up its drool over the new release Black Eagle and the Mythos One Grinder from Nuova Simonelli. The Atomic Café in Kingsland was first in NZ to be graced with their greatness on the café counter and here’s our review.

First off the Black Eagle espresso machine by Victoria Arduino is one of the most stunning machines we’ve laid eyes on. Its striking aesthetics are thanks to the full chrome housing and lifted legs making for a sleek and refined bespoke design. The second feature that makes this machine a double thumbs up from us is on the inside, offering the same T3 technology made famous by Nuova Simonelli ensuring temperature stability. In a nutshell the Black eagle is a honourably considered cosmetic redesign of Nuova Simonelli’s well respected Aurelia T3 espresso machine.  

Now let’s talk grinding. The grinder that’s had all the barista’s geeking out, the Mythos One by Nouva Simonelli is the pinnacle excellence in grinding, offering cutting edge technology that’s too good to be true. It’s the first on-demand grinder with “Clima Pro” technology, the innovative intelligent management of the grinding chamber’s temperature which ensures a constant dose and therefore a better quality of espresso extraction. The burrs are angled at a 45 degree slant to accurately dose into the porta filters to minimise wastage. Perfection.

If you would like to get either of these babies into your café, give our mate Dave a call on 021 774 807.

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