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Yirgacheffe Homa
Yirgacheffe Homa
Yirgacheffe Homa

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Yirgacheffe Homa

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Recommended Use: Stovetop, filter, Chemex, V60, plunger, espresso

Region:     Yirgacheffe, Oromia
Co-op:       Homa
Varietal:    Heirloom
Altitude:    1550 - 2000 masl
Process:   Natural

Flavour:    Milk chocolate, blueberry
Acidity:      Medium
Body:        Syrupy
Finish:      Cocoa

In 2015 we headed to Oromia province in Ethiopia with Trade Aid, a trip that included the fair trade coop of Homa.  Situated just outside the the small town of Yirga Cheffe, the area is lush and green with tropical fruit hanging from the trees.  Yirgacheffe coffee has historically been washed, a process enabled by the local abundance of fresh water.  In contrast, the Harar and Somali borderlands we left behind were arid and inhospitable, and the coffee was entirely naturally pocessed and sun dried through necessity. 

Homa elect to sun dry part of their crop with the coffee cherry flesh attached.  The result is a rich, sugary coffee with ripe fruit, blueberry and milk chocolate flavours.  Through their meticulous picking, drying and sorting processes, the clarity and clean cup synonymous with Yirgacheffe coffee has been retained.  No sugar needed.