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Fruit Punch Blend – RWA x COL
Fruit Punch Blend – RWA x COL

Atomic Coffee Roasters

Fruit Punch Blend – RWA x COL

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Introducing the first in our new seasonally inspired espresso series – Fruit Punch. 

Where our established blends are about a consistent balanced profile, Fruit Punch is designed to showcase the best that high grown, quality arabicas have to offer – complexity, vibrant acidity and fruit flavours in abundance.

To kick things off, we’ve crafted our new blend from the freshest, new crop coffees available, partnering the Rwanda Vunga and Colombia Ocamonte. Together they pack a real fruit hit, with notes of ruby red grapefruit, passionfruit and mango.  

It's not for everyone, but that's okay. It's an unfamiliar punch of fruit flavour to test your palette. Available for a limited time!


20g of coffee / 30seconds / 35g yield