Costa Rica Parritilla Natural Microlot

Region:      Tarrazu
Farm:          Finca Parritilla
Co-op:        ASOPROAAA
Varietal:     Caturra & Catuai
Altitude:     1500-1700 masl
Process:    Natural


Flavour:    Green Melon, chocolate liqueur
Acidity:     Medium
Body:        Silky, round
Finish:      Creamy

Owned for two generations by the Merno family, Finca Parritilla lies in the heart of the Tarrazu region, renowned for complex and clean coffees.  Parritilla is a member of the ASOPROAAA Co-operative, born in the wake of Hurricane Mitch and devoted to supporting local growers and sustainable farming practices.  Made up of 1000 smallholder farmers, the Co-op is an integral part of the local economy and strives to protect the area's bio-diversity and soil quality.  The Co-op has won numerous awards, including the 2007 Cup of Excellence.


This microlot is strictly hard bean graded, naturally processed and has a green melon acidity complementing rich chocolate liqueur sweetness.  The result is a refined, well balanced and complex cup. 


This coffee is in short supply - try a cup of filter brew in Atomic Cafes now!


Recommended Use: Plunger, chemex, v60, Aeropress, Stovetop

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