Colombia Femenino

Recommended Use: Plunger, filter, pour over
Flavour: Lemon, Cola & Toffee
Acidity: Medium
Body: Clean and silky


Silky and tea like, this is perfect to pop through your Aeropress or V60. This is a washed coffee grown at various altitudes in many regions in the northern zone of Colombia, resulting in a very balanced and clean, sweet cup with a citrus acidity.

This coffee is produced by the ANEI co-operative in Colombia, and is a result of the Feminino program - a program dedicated to empower the women in the 67 regions involved in the Co-op by providing education and technology throughout the various stages of coffee growing and processing. ANEI describe women as "the pillars of the coffee sector because they forge family work with love and passion". In 2017 there are 201 native and farmer women currently involved with the Femenino program. 

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