Recommended Use: Espresso, stovetop, filter, plunger  
Flavour: Cream, roasted hazelnut
Acidity: Low
Body: Round + full
Finish: Smooth

This coffee is smooth, creamy and moreish, catering to most palates with toasted nutty flavours. It's smooth & buttery texture allows it to be brewed in almost any way- we are loving it as espresso, especially served with a bit of milk.  

Fazenda Serra das Três Barras is located in mountains of South Minas, just outside the small rural town of Carmo de Minas. The region is renowned for its award winning quality, recently producing some of the finest lots Brazil has to offer.The mountains rise above the vast tropical plains of the cerrado, giving the coffee plants the temperatures and rainfall that they love.  This particular lot is processed on the farm’s excellent processing facilities without fermentation. The coffee is also hand-picked which is unique for Brazil where labour costs are comparatively high. Coffees are dried firstly on patios and subsequently in drying machines to reach optimal moisture levels before hulling.


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