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Repairs & Servicing

Servicing for your Home Espresso Machine

If there’s one thing we know after more than 20 years of roasting, brewing and serving it's that everyone hates bad coffee. That’s where the importance of servicing your machine comes in. Just like a car, your coffee machine needs a regular check-up to ensure all parts are operating smoothly and producing coffee as it should.

All new machines come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, but to keep it going like it should, get a WOF done yearly. Our Auckland based coffee machine repairs and servicing department can service the following machines: 

- The Rocket

- ECM Giotto

- VBM Domobar

- Expobar Minore (Brewtus)

- Expobar Office

- Nitro

If it's got an E61 group head we can do it!

A Rocket WOF from Atomic costs $175 (excluding the cost of additional parts that may be required) and includes the following: Rocket WOF

Rocket machines can be dropped off and collected from:
The Rocket Store, 208 Ponsonby Road, Auckland 1011