Coffee Blends & Single Origin Coffee

Coffee Blends 

Blended coffee is awesome, making it is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Single Origin coffee tastes amazing, but blend it with another equally tasty coffee and a whole new tasting experience is created. Each of our blends have been carefully handcrafted to create a beautifully balanced coffee, to suit different tastes, moods and occasions. View Coffee Blends

Single Origins

There is a big world of coffee out there and it’s our mission to bring you unique and distinctive Single Origin coffee as soon as we can get our hands on it. Almost every coffee farm in the world will produce a different tasting coffee. Many factors influence the overall taste of the coffee including tree variety, climate and altitude. All these factors result in unique flavour profiles that when served up on their own, create some of the finest tasting coffee you’ll ever find in a cup.

In order to get a fair and accurate idea of a coffee’s flavour profile we tend to use a softer brew method, rather than hammering it with the widely recognised espresso method. When using these softer brew methods its to taste and compare the flavours of Single Origin coffees; whilst learning more about how and why a coffee tastes the way it does. View Single Origins

All our coffees are available for both wholesale and for you to enjoy at home. If you’re not sure what your taste buds feel like tasting, just holler and we’ll recommend something we think you’ll enjoy.