Kingsland Site plans and Procedures – COVID-19 Alert Level 2

The virus is still out there, so we’re going to play it safe – from Thursday 14th May the following safety plan will apply.
This plan is subject to change & will be reviewed weekly, driven by government guidance or if we have concerns any of the activity below is not protecting staff & customers appropriately.  


Staff on Site at Kingsland Under Alert Level 2

Your team is your work bubble: at Alert Level 2 continue to stay to your bubble. The current team bubbles are as follows:

  • Team production and dispatch
  • Café FOH
  • Café Kitchen

New staff on site

  • No new staff on-site under Alert Level 2 as at 14th May


Access to Site / Contact Tracing


  • All staff, customers, couriers & approved contractors must register on-site. This can be done by scanning the QR code at access points, or by having their details manually recorded by a member of staff
  • Registration now applies to takeaway Café customers also
  • Wholesale customers & Account Managers collecting coffee orders must follow protocols below:
  • Call ahead to let the Production team know & agree a pick-up time
  • Arrive at roastery, park & scan QR code on door. Complete registration info
  • Collect order from the shelf outside
  • There will be no other visitors admitted to site without prior notice & approval


Physical Distancing


  • Maintain 2m physical distancing where possible: Physical distancing of two metres from people you don’t know, with 1.5m physical distancing in a controlled workplace environment
  • Stick to your work area: Stay in your own work area and ensure that your workflow keeps you separate from co-workers
  • Only 3 people at any one time in the dispatch office
  • Only 2 people in the dispatch picking area



Hand Washing


In addition to our usual handwashing routines, please ensure that hands are washed:

  • Upon arrival at work
  • Prior to entering the production area (including on the way to the warehouse)
  • After leaving the production area
  • Before using the kitchens or any of their equipment, including the coffee machines (extra hand soap and paper towels have been provided by the sinks for this purpose)



High-touch areas should be regularly cleaned, including (but not limited to):

  • The roaster desk and dispatch desk equipment: The users must wipe the computer mice, keyboards, calculators and pens, and coffee sampler handle with a sanitizer wipe twice per shift
  • Personal desks and computers
  • Workshop benches and shared tools
  • Doors: all users must wipe door handles, door edges etc using sanitizer twice per shift
  • Where and whenever possible doors in access areas are to remain open
  • All surfaces in the lunch areas – where possible choose one chair and stick to it for breaks
  • All surfaces in communal spaces – where possible choose one chair and stick to it for breaks


  • Risk isolation: Removal of potential vehicles for cross contamination:
  • Removal of all shared reading materials (magazines, newspapers etc)
  • Removal of all printed menus
  • Salt and Peppers removed and issued on request to make regular sanitization more controlled
  • Sugar bowls/jars removed, replaced with sachets
  • Temporarily suspend use of customers’ reusable cups and vessels. Notices at entrance and adjacent to till
  • Maintain social distancing between staff and customers where possible
  • Deliver individual cutlery sets – not in jars


  • Risk reduction: managing areas of high potential risk to safe levels:
  • Sanitise tables with antibacterial spray between customers
  • Sanitising all taps in venue (FOH and BOH)
  • Sanitising all door handles in venue
  • Sanitising all shared touchscreens and POS terminals
  • Sanitising all bathroom surfaces
  • Frequent sanitisation of all chairbacks
  • Increased sanitisation of all surfaces
  • Availability of hand sanitiser on counters
  • Ensure bathroom soap across all sites is anti-bacterial
  • Switch open hand towel bins for closed pedal bins
  • Remind staff to avoid touching face & hair


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • In adherence to Govt. guidelines, PPE is not mandatory but will continue to be made available for all staff


How we will manage an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19


  • Workers who are unwell with respiratory symptoms will be asked to immediately go home, and call Healthline or their GP
  • Workers with respiratory symptoms who have tested negative for COVID 19 are able to stay home until they’ve been symptom-free for 24 hours 
  • If a worker has tested positive, and we are contacted by a public health unit, we will provide clear information regarding the worker’s contacts at work and await advice about any further actions we are required to take  
  • Should any public health unit make contact please refer to Casey (022 091 0486)
  • Immediately disinfect the work area / shared work areas of the unwell worker in accordance with the cleaning procedures that we have implemented


Travelling To / From Work


You should take due care when travelling to and from work each day.

  • Stay 2 meters away from other people
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly
  • If you do need to take public transport, observe the social distancing rules and, where possible, sit in a window seat in a row by yourself
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get to work
  • If you feel unwell, stay home (talk/text your manager first)



  • Production / Dispatch teams use the downstairs bathroom
  • Café/ Kitchen use the upstairs bathroom


Communal Areas & Break Zones


  • Café team to use the Training Room for breaks, with a maximum of two people at a time. They are not to sit opposite each other.
  • Kitchen team to use the back office for breaks
  • Training room is otherwise out of bounds and not to be used for access
  • The Roastery is similarly out of bounds. Roaster only.
  • Production team to use the main Sales office for breaks, with a maximum of 2 people at a time. They are not to sit opposite each other.
  • Production staff wishing to order coffee or food from the Café must approach externally and adhere to all distancing protocols as per paying customers