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Atomic Cup Tasters


The competition is organized as a set of triangular tests. In each triangular test, three cups of coffee are set up, two of which are identical. One is unique. The aim of the competition is for the participant to use their gustatory and olfactory senses to identify the odd cup out of the three. Note that the competitors are tested on their ability to distinguish different coffees, not to identify their quality, origin, etc. During the competition eight triangular tests are placed before each competitor. The coffees selected for all eight tests will be the same for all cuppers. The competitor who identifies the most “odd” cups from the eight sets will be declared the winner. In the case of a tie (i.e. when two or more competitors share the highest number of correctly identified triangulations) the competitor with the shortest completion time wins.

Below is an example of one table layout which two competitors will be on.