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Sidama Shanta Golba

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    Recommended Use: Filter, Chemex, V60, plunger, espresso

    Flavour: Raspberry, melon, and lemon zest

    The Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union is a tribally based organisation marketing the coffee produced by Sidama farmers in the south of Ethiopia. It is an umbrella organisation uniting 53 primary societies, including Shanta Golba, which are currently investing their fair trade social premiums in the construction of schools, roading and transportation, electricity infrastructure, flour mills, and warehouses. The Union itself is focused on improving coffee production infrastructure and support. Shanta Golba produces both washed and natural coffees in a very similar manner to the other primary groups in the union. Read more about Sidama here

    Natural coffee like this is produced late in the harvest and the ripe fruit has been dried in the cherry on raised beds, enhancing its essential sweetness and fruit flavours.

    Co-op: Shanta Golba  
    Origin: Ethiopia  
    Region: Sidama 
    Variety: Mixed Indigenous Varieties  
    Process: Natural 
    Altitude: 1,700 – 1,900 mas 
    Roast Depth: Light – Med  


    Body: Light to Medium  
    Acidity: Citric / Acetic  
    Sweetness: Medium to High  
    Finish: Short & Fruity  
    Flavour: Raspberry / Melon / Lemon Zest 

    Recommended Brew Ratio: 1:17