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Outliers: ZaPo Yunnan China

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    The Outliers single origin series is a bold exploration in taste and technique.

    Every special release begins with the search for a rare and intriguing plantation in emerging markets around something that truly deserves ‘outlier status’ – we ship a limited quantity of green beans back to Atomic HQ in Kingsland, Auckland.

    With a little time and patience, our roasting crew delicately tease out the make each micro-lot a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.

    Renowned for its natural beauty, the climate and geography of Yunnan have long made it an agricultural hub for a wide variety of crops.  It is unsurprising that the first coffee planted in China was in the heart of Yunnan in the late 19th century. 

    Historically famous for tea growing, over the past three decades, many of the Yunnan region’s fertile hillsides have been replanted with coffee. 

    In bringing coffee cultivation to his small village of CiMiZhu, farmer Zapo has introduced a new crop to traditional methods, resulting in a truly outlier coffee.

    The cherry is handpicked & fully processed on the farm using a method common in black tea cultivation.  First it is mechanically dried, left to sit and lightly ferment before being dried again. This process repeats until the coffee reaches 12-13% moisture, it is then stored for at least 15 days before hulling and another two months before being milled. This process creates an incredibly unique profile, rich in dried fruit and rum. 

    We are proud to showcase Zapo - a unique, New Zealand exclusive coffee. 

    Download our V60 & Aeropress Brew Guide here.

    Yunnan, China


    1200 - 1600 masl

    Black Tea Natural

    Plum Wine, Oolong, Fruit Cake, Nashi & Amber Rum