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Fruit Punch Blend – Special Release

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    Fruit Punch is a series of seasonal blends released annually, all designed to honour the finest qualities of fresh green beans.  We select new coffees each year, roasted and blended to showcase the best that high grown, quality arabicas have to offer – vibrant  acidity and fresh fruit flavours. A real Fruit Punch. 

    This season’s Fruit Punch celebrates a trio of Colombian coffees and different processing methods. Anaerobic, washed and natural processes create a complex cup in both flavour and texture. Layers of fruit abound - a tropical combo to make Carmen Miranda proud.

    Recommended Use: Espresso & filter

    Espresso Tasting Notes: 
    Raspberry, Orange, Grapefruit, Mango & White Grape

    Anaerobic fermentation (Jairo Arcila)
    Honey Process (Luis Anibal)
    Washed (Ocamonte, Co-op)


    Artwork by Steve Wood