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COE Costa Rica: Lot #11 – Chispita
COE Costa Rica: Lot #11 – Chispita
COE Costa Rica: Lot #11 – Chispita

Atomic Coffee Roasters

COE Costa Rica: Lot #11 – Chispita

Earlier in the year we hosted a public cupping of coffees from Cup Of Excellence’s Costa Rica competition. After going head to head with roasters from around the globe, we managed to secure a lot – Lot #11 to be exact, grown by Don Carlos and his family in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica.

This natural processed Kenia SL28, brings with it a complex range of flavours, made up of: Black Grape, White Peach, Black Cherry, Tropical Fruits and Chocolate

We recommend soft brewing or traditional pour over methods for the best results.

Pour Over Recipe
Dose: 15g, Time: 2 min, Water: 250ml

Chemex (6 Cup) Recipe
Dose: 50g, Time: 4:30, Water: 700ml

AeroPress Recipe
Dose: 16g, Time: 2 min, Water 200ml

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