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We have secured a small quantity of Panama Gesha direct from the award winning Finca Nuguo.

First and second generation Gesha trees are lovingly tended by Jose and Ailenne Gallardo on their family farm - Finca Nuguo - nestled in the Panama highlands near the Costa Rican border.   Their dedication, coupled with an extremely lush micro-climate characterized by low lying cloud cover and high moisture levels, has produced a richly sweet and prized coffee.

Strawberry, apricot, shortbread, sweet navel orange and jasmine flavours are prominent, with round, juicy acidity and satin-like body.  Every part of this coffee's journey, from the Gallardo family's meticulous hand sorting, picking, storage and processing, has been to develop balance and sweetness in the cup.

Best enjoyed through Moccamaster, Chemex or V60, allowing this coffee's complexity and intense fruit sweetness to sing.

Limited stock available in our cafes and online from 16/12/16.

Recommended Use: Espresso, filter, plunger, pour over
Flavour:  Strawberry, apricot and shortbread
Acidity: Round and sweet
Body: Satin
Finish: Clean with lingering sweetness

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