Meet the Maker vol.1 - HC Surfboards

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Growing up in a remote coastal town in Northland, where sources of entertainment are few and far between means you have to take advantage of what the rugged west has to offer.
This was where Hayden Chamberlain found the passion and skill that would one day make him a very successful business owner and a big name in the surfing scene.

 A few years down the track and after working for multiple surf brands- Hayden is now one of New Zealand’s most respected shapers, with more than 15 years’ experience under his belt.
He caters for all ages, stages and abilities and is regarded as one of the go-to shapers for many of our countries top surfers, right down to the average jo.

The sleek, matte-black Radfish surfboard we gave away at the end of our Summer Tour was a collaboration between Hayden and our friends at Boards by Blank who designed and custom-made it, just for us.

Hayden goes through a six-step process to create his boards. For accuracy and consistency, he uses a machine to cut the foam and then moves on to shaping the blank by hand, giving it that extra personal touch. The third step is glassing, adding weight and durability to the board. A fourth stage of sanding occurs, then you then have the choice of a matte, medium wetsand, semi gloss or polish finish and your board is done!

From a very humble beginning fast forward to 2017, Hayden now works and lives on Auckland’s west coast, which means he’s got easy access to waves when its pumping. You can find him in his shaping bay in the beautiful Henderson Valley, just off Lincoln Road or check his boards out on

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