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Meet Dave Hollick - an integral part of our technician team, a face that many of our accounts will recognise. Dave travels the country servicing coffee machines, taking on a different region of New Zealand each month. He ensures all our machines are running smoothly, giving them a tune up and replacing parts just like you would a car. From a young age Dave would fix his friends toys, he has always found great interest in the ins and outs of how a machine works. 

Dave’s inquiring mind has taken him far in his career, working for Keri Juices in 1990 then moving into the Atomic coffee world in 2008. Dave has witnessed the growth of Atomic over the past 9 yrs. He says he loves not just the direction Atomic is heading but also the entirety of the coffee scene in New Zealand.

 The development of the company has kept him out on the road and extremely busy however he finds the work enjoyable and loves building relationships with cafe owners and other clients alike.

 The long hours, miles travelled and hard work put in makes Dave a cut above the rest and we are stoked to have such a legend on the team!

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