Cascara - Coffee Cherry Iced Tea

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Cascara may appear to be a newcomer to the café scene; yet in fact it pre-dates the crushing and extracting of the roasted coffee seed, coffee as we know it today. Cascara is tea made from steeping the dried skin of the coffee cherry in water and is experiencing an exciting resurgence in popularity.
Named Cascara just as it is termed in Central America, the fruit skins can also be eaten as a dried fruit and are deliciously tart and sweet. Making use of the fruit skin that is typically salvageable only as compost following wet processing of coffee, this drink makes the most of the fruit that is so often wasted. Dependent on the steeping process is generally a lower caffeine alternative with subtle flavours.
Similar to a herbal-fruit tea with flavours of hibiscus, rose-hip and tamarind it is a versatile drink that can be teamed with lemon, honey, or add some tipple like gin or spiced rum in the evening. Cascara offers an excellent thirst quencher for warm weather fast approaching. It’s tea that’s kind of coffee and fast becoming our new summer favourite. Cascara, now served in the Atomic Kingsland Café.

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