The Gravimetric Black Eagle

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In October, we were fortunate to host the New Zealand launch of the Gravimetric Black Eagle. Coffee legend Colin Harmon of 3fe coffee in Ireland spoke on this revolutionary machine by Victoria Arduino (under Nuova Simonelli) and his first hand experience with it.

The machine addresses innovation in a refreshing manner. The use of scales has become a vital step in the espresso making process and has been translated to everyday service for sometime now. The Gravimetric takes this one step further, incorporating the scale into the machine. Using scales in the drip tray, it shuts off coffee shots at the desired coffee volume in the cup as programmed by the barista. This is a unique solution versus the traditional method of measuring water volume through the group head. The technology has enhanced credibility, as it includes the measure of espresso in the group head that is not yet in the cup to achieve the sought volume. Many have been skeptical of the durability of the scales in action, however Colin has been using the Gravimetric at 3fe with no complaints for over a year.

The benefits of the machine include decreased coffee wastage; with better quality, more consistent shots being produced - music to many owners ears. The fringe benefits noted from 3fe’s long-standing trial period are the ability move onto other functions such as customer engagement, clearing tables and other service elements once shots are running.

This machine is the perfect showpiece for innovation as it does not rest on the laurels of small-scale improvements. Instead it addresses vital pain points to produce a revolutionary machine as the outcome. The Gravimetric Black Eagle is now available to purchase for your establishment – contact with your interest.

Watch the video of 3fe's field test experience with the Gravimetric Black Eagle here.


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