Batch Brew Coffee

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What would you say to an exquisite cup of soft brew coffee that takes mere minutes to prepare? Thanks to the addition of the Technivorm Moccamaster batch brewer into the Atomic Café, people are beginning to experience this refreshing approach to their daily fix. 
Batch Brew coffee is an exciting take on soft brewed coffee, with a focus on efficient, approachable-yet-urbane, low-to-no pressure coffee brewing methods and devices that all folk can appreciate and operate at home or away without the pretense. A shining example of these devices is the Moccamaster, a hybrid device birthed from a long, but not-so-loving relationship between a traditional American percolator and a V60 or Chemex pour over. The outcome of the time/volume controlled drip and percolation combination is the proverbial pot of coffee, yet the taste is unexpectedly soft, complex, and balanced. Another wonderful way to drink one of our many rotating Single Origin’s coffees. We have different brews on in the café everyday – come and try it for some sensory indulgence, or just plain survival at Atomic, Kingsland.
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