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Be cool this summer with Cold Brew. Not that sort of ‘cool’, just a not hot kinda cool. World over people are doing amazing things with this enchanting yet simple brew. Since the launch of our very own cold brew it has proven to be a prevailing crowd pleaser, but one that remains shrouded in mystery. Now here’s your chance to be that person of insight at the party on this drink of repute.
Cold brew coffee is how it sounds - coffee brewed with cold water. Beans of single origin are best for their ability to boast their distinct flavour characteristics with clarity. Our pick is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for its bright acidity, fruitiness, and tea-like qualities that come through beautifully when heat is removed from the equation. A brew time of at least 8 hours is necessary to steep the ground coffee in cold filtered water. Over this time the oils and flavors of the coffee are extracted to create a concentrated coffee brew that can be used in an abundance of ways.
From straight up, to mixed with soda or milk these are a great way to enjoy the true cold brew at its finest. In 2014, we partnered with Behemoth Brewing Company to use Cold Brew in their Latte Lout Coffee Milk Stout, a perfect pairing with its rich chocolaty flavour. Another trend from the international scene is ‘Nitrogenated Cold-Craft Coffee’ championed by Coffee Cuvee; where the cooling process results in an incredibly creamy Guinness-like texture. At Atomic HQ the biggest craze is Coco Cold-Brew; our take on Vietnamese coffee that’s become a true favourite for all. Come into the Atomic HQ to try your choice of Cold Brew concoction or to purchase one for your home-brews. See more

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