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Last month’s Insight gave you a little education on soft brew methods and now the question is… what to brew in those spectacular vessels? The answer - Single Origin Coffee. Single Origin is not a new trend, in fact it has been around since the beginning of coffee culture, and is experiencing its renaissance within the specialty coffee world. It represents what coffee connoisseurs like to call the “Third Wave” of coffee. The First Wave was to consume mass-produced morning fuel, and the second was just to enjoy (think pumpkin spiced lattes). To describe the Third Wave without sounding like a snob, it is a higher appreciation of the unique taste characteristics a coffee’s origin (terroir).
The individual farmer, their method of cultivation and the area and altitude in which the coffee plants grow are all controlling factors on the beans they produce. High quality single origin beans that in turn increase in value can make a big difference for the farmers, the co-operatives in which they often operate and their communities. Some co-ops provide basic necessities such as housing and others extend to education and development programmes vital for the advancement of the area and its people.
Single Origin coffees also allow the drinker to appreciate the unique region it hails from, through its distinct flavour, texture and aroma of the coffee, much the same as understanding how different conditions and climate affect wine. If you’re new to this Single Origin or Soft Brew business, we have the know-how to guide you on the journey at our brew bar, with a rotation of Single Origin coffees every week. So for just a little nudge toward the third wave direction, we’re offering a voucher for a 250g bag of Single Origin Coffee with the purchase of any soft brew device before Christmas. Feliz navidad.

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