Atomic Batch #001 - Limited Edition Coffee Beans

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014.

Sometimes the greatest of things come from the smallest of places, as is the case with the very special bags of #001 limited edition beans. 100 bags of the finest coffee beans we’ve had the privilege to roast.Originating from Costa Rica, the fully washed Caturra variety have been grown and lovingly nurtured by Hector Bonillo and his family in the Don Mayo El Beneficio lot. The careful treatment of the beans from start to finish of the harvest process has been continued with the procurement of a small batch of the beans that are lightly hand roasted. The result is some of the finest coffee that you will likely ever get your hands on with intensely fruit driven flavours and heavy body, the beans are perfect for soft brewing. There will only be 100 bags available of this good stuff, so be first in line by registering here for your invite to the #001 unveiling.

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